Friday, October 21, 2011

Upcycled Sweater Dress

Really easy project which costs practically nothing! I visited the thrift store and picked up this ladies turtle neck:

Using a dress from Olivia's wardrobe as a template, I cut out the front, back, sleeves and neck.  I didn't add seam allowances since this knit is reeeeally stretchy:

With the wrong sides together, I sewed the shoulder seams:

Then pinned and sewed the neck:

Then pinned and sewed  the sleeves onto the dress:

Then sewed the sleeve seam down the underarm to the sides of the dress:

And TA DA! That's all there is to it!  I even picked up another thrifted sweater which is waiting in my huge project pile...such a comfy, pretty fall outfit!  Here's the little princess 'modeling' it.  Although it would be nice to get a better shot of the dress, I'm in no hurry for her to start running around!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

ABC Quiet Book

Once again being pinspired by all sorts of neat projects out there, I found myself making a quiet book.  Which was really fun but really piddly work. Involving lots of glue gun burns. But HOORAY it's done, and just needs to be 'bound' somehow.  So here's the pages:

A: removable armour
B: barn doors open to reveal animal finger puppets (and hayloft has a chicken)
C: clock hands rotate

D: dinosaur jaw moves
E: boring - just look at it...
F:eyes, nose, mouth and bow are removable
G: pluck the strings

H: propeller rotates
I: removable scoops
J: fish mouth zips open to reveal Jonah
K: Joey fits in mama's pouch

L: lift shade to reveal lit bulb
M: 2 pieces of felt with marble in between, sewn along lines.
N: ark zips open to reveal pairs of animals
O: tentacles wiggle

P: eyes button on and off
Q: boring - just look at it
R: zip car up and down the road
S: oops, still have to put a lace in...

T: tower segments removable
U: umbrella flips up
V: shadow matching
W: red sea parts

X:boring - just look
Y: yo-yo can be pulled up and down
Z: zip - pouch can hold candies/little toys...

Fun hey? Ashton's been eagerly waiting it's completion!  I think he'll really enjoy it!