Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A few past crafty things...

So at the moment I'm trying to paint the basement in the half hour cat naps O's been giving me.  While my crafting is on hold, I thought I'd give a peek at a few things I've done in the past.

  I sewed these Noah's ark animals for Christmas 2009 (?) It took a LOT of time, but was really fun to do!  I bought the pattern online from Three Score Ten (sorry, no link, can't find it back...)  So it was a multi-step process making these: first I sewed them all (most tedious part of the process) then I primed them with gesso twice, then painted all the underbellies white (with acrylic paint - NOT the craft stuff)  The fun part was painting them all!  I then used embroidery floss for the manes of the zebras and giraffes and all the tails, and some weird rope-ish wool for the beard, hair and the lion's mane. Lot's of fun, but of course Ashton was more interested in all the store bought toys he got that year...  Two years later I'm still waiting for DH to make a wooden ark to store them all.  When I stuffed the dove I put a magnet in it's bottom, so when he gets around to the ark I can set a magnet on the top of the ark so the dove can perch on top!

  REALLY easy craft that anyone can do - all this is is scrapbooking paper and foam letters from Dollarama.  I had this frame which wasn't being used (I keep a large collection of frames and change my photos out fairly often - people change over time you know!) and was kind of scratched from the last move, so I just scratched it up a little more.  It now hangs in Olivia's yet-to-be-used nursery (she finally sleeps well in the bassinet, so I'm keeping her in there as long as possible)  The nursery is blue and classic-Pooh themed (the book, not Disney)  I'll probably have a post about muraling a little later on...

  Ashton's room is truck/construction themed (gasp! Really?)  Not sure how long he'll be into it (although his obsession with wheels started at 6 months and shows no sign of stopping) so I didn't do any murals in his room, but painted this little grouping of canvases for him.  I just bought a cheapy set of pre-stretched/gessoed canvas at Michael's and used an overhead to sketch them on.  I really like creating my own artwork for the kids' room, saves me a lot of searching for stuff that matches...
  Speaking of matching, have you ever felt that overpowering frustration when searching for just the right night-light?  Well I sure have!  So I upcycled this old Ikea lamp (you've probably seen them, with the paper?)

 The paper was ripped, so I took it off, then glue-gunned the fabric onto the rings.  No need to be perfect in the length, because it stretches to fit!  It's a flannel, which isn't technically fireproof, but I only put a 25w in there, and it doesn't seem to get to warm.

Anywaysssss...wish me luck on the basement.  By my calculations it should take me about 3 years to paint the whole thing...

Sunday, May 08, 2011

itty bitty baby dress and bonnet

Made this 'itty bitty baby dress' (found here : for Easter.  The pattern is for a preemie size, but I managed to scale it up for 3 months.  Unfortunately Olivia was unable to wear it ON Easter Sunday since we decided last minute to spend and extra day at my parents.  Ah well 
  Here's a pic of Olivia wearing it on Ashton's 4th bday (she had just found her hands and thought they were the neatest toys EVER.

  I also tried to draft a pattern for a sleek, non-ruffly bonnet.  It works okay, but if I ever make it again it needs a bit more work - darts and stuff.  A little longer in the back too, but since this is more of a Sunday bonnet instead of a summer one, I don't want it to cover the neck.  The best example of what I want to make is here:

  Isn't it GORGEOUS!  Luckily Little Betty is offering this sunsuit pattern for free!  So I'm thinking this might me one of my next projects.  I do have to do some investing to update my fabric stash though.  I'm thinking we'll hit the Reuse Centre after Ashton's opthomologist appt. this week.  (yay!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

SPRING MARKET - May 6, 10-3, Covenant Christian School

So I signed up for the Spring Market when Olivia was in her 'extreme cranky phase' thinking that even if I can't get anything else done, at least I can crochet or knit while holding her.  Of course my eager mind started thinking up all sorts of things I could make for my table, so the last few months have been FULL of sewing and crocheting and glue gun-ing.  Here's a preview of what will be available at my table:

Red Riding Hood capes (size 2T-4Tish) and Superhero Capes

Stuffies-they each come named with a little introduction-'cause I'm not enough
of a dork already...

Caterpillar puppet thingies (made these with my Mom probably 20 years ago-they're so cute!)

Clip Barrettes

Baby Boleros - Summer's coming up, and those little strappy
dresses for kids are so gorgeous, but a little cool for our climate...
problem solved! Sizes 6m-3T



...and more hats. Sizes 3m-child/teen

Crocheted stuffies.

There might be a few more of these added if my hands need something to do while holding my grumpy baby (who, at the moment, is screaming because she is unable to rip her toes off...or something.  Anyways, she's frustrated) Hope to see you at the market!