Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WHOO has time for housework with so many fun crafts to do?

So word of my addiction is getting out, and I was asked to sew some owls for some kids of a friend.

These kinds of crafts are one big reason I keep all sorts of funky scraps in my fabric stash.  And where do I collect these scraps?  My favorite low-budget outing of all time: the REUSE CENTRE http://www.edmonton.ca/for_residents/garbage_recycling/reuse-centre.aspx  I've really (really, really) been missing it since we moved, but I recently managed to stop in on one of our errand trips into the city (DH wasn't too pleased with all the 'girly' errands, but I've collected enough hours sitting outside of pawn shops not to feel guilty)  I picked up some fun stuff, including tons of felt, with which I plan to make some puppets for Ashton (and adding a puppet theatre to our ever-growing basement reno plan) but my most exciting find was some off-white eyelet material!  So excited about this!  It's gonna make the cutest summer bonnet for Olivia...

Monday, April 11, 2011

Reasons for crafting.

My two beautiful kiddos - the reasons I craft!  I love sewing and knitting my kids stuff, taking their pictures and generally spoiling them with stuff I make!  Ashton is a newly turned 4 year old (!) and Olivia was about 10 weeks here.

I took pictures of Olivia over the course of a week to get a full 'set'.  Inevitably this is how our shoots ended:

Laptops are a multitasker's best friend.

Took some pics of 'little' Mr. B last week.  At six weeks he's bigger than Olivia (who's 3 months)

Haven't played around in Photoshop for quite some time, so I found an awesome blog with free actions and tutorials here: http://www.thecoffeeshopblog.com/  I'm still working with Photoshop 7, which seems to fulfill all my meager needs, so I see no need to upgrade!  Had lots of fun editing these while nursing my cranky little girl!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

First Post: I should be doing laundry...

Welcome to Confessions of a Crafter.  Sometime soon I'll get pics of my latest crafts up, but at the moment I'm snuggling my 3 month old, Olivia, while my 4 year old, Ashton (who should be in bed) plays with his cars beside me.  Here's a list of my current projects though (as far a I can remember):
Sewing an Easter outfit for Olivia, including dress, bonnet and shoes
Knitting an Easter vest for Ashton
Working on stuff for the Spring Market on May 6
-Red Riding Hood capes
-Superhero capes
-crocheted hats
-crocheted boleros
Making some Pottey Barn-esque owls
Little denim jacket for Olivia
Edit photos of little Mr. B

As well as things I want to start: Painting the basement, canvas painted rug for the basement...

And in my spare time keeping my house presentable.   Hmm...I might need to whittle down this list a bit...