Thursday, April 07, 2011

First Post: I should be doing laundry...

Welcome to Confessions of a Crafter.  Sometime soon I'll get pics of my latest crafts up, but at the moment I'm snuggling my 3 month old, Olivia, while my 4 year old, Ashton (who should be in bed) plays with his cars beside me.  Here's a list of my current projects though (as far a I can remember):
Sewing an Easter outfit for Olivia, including dress, bonnet and shoes
Knitting an Easter vest for Ashton
Working on stuff for the Spring Market on May 6
-Red Riding Hood capes
-Superhero capes
-crocheted hats
-crocheted boleros
Making some Pottey Barn-esque owls
Little denim jacket for Olivia
Edit photos of little Mr. B

As well as things I want to start: Painting the basement, canvas painted rug for the basement...

And in my spare time keeping my house presentable.   Hmm...I might need to whittle down this list a bit...

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