Sunday, May 08, 2011

itty bitty baby dress and bonnet

Made this 'itty bitty baby dress' (found here : for Easter.  The pattern is for a preemie size, but I managed to scale it up for 3 months.  Unfortunately Olivia was unable to wear it ON Easter Sunday since we decided last minute to spend and extra day at my parents.  Ah well 
  Here's a pic of Olivia wearing it on Ashton's 4th bday (she had just found her hands and thought they were the neatest toys EVER.

  I also tried to draft a pattern for a sleek, non-ruffly bonnet.  It works okay, but if I ever make it again it needs a bit more work - darts and stuff.  A little longer in the back too, but since this is more of a Sunday bonnet instead of a summer one, I don't want it to cover the neck.  The best example of what I want to make is here:

  Isn't it GORGEOUS!  Luckily Little Betty is offering this sunsuit pattern for free!  So I'm thinking this might me one of my next projects.  I do have to do some investing to update my fabric stash though.  I'm thinking we'll hit the Reuse Centre after Ashton's opthomologist appt. this week.  (yay!)

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