Wednesday, May 04, 2011

SPRING MARKET - May 6, 10-3, Covenant Christian School

So I signed up for the Spring Market when Olivia was in her 'extreme cranky phase' thinking that even if I can't get anything else done, at least I can crochet or knit while holding her.  Of course my eager mind started thinking up all sorts of things I could make for my table, so the last few months have been FULL of sewing and crocheting and glue gun-ing.  Here's a preview of what will be available at my table:

Red Riding Hood capes (size 2T-4Tish) and Superhero Capes

Stuffies-they each come named with a little introduction-'cause I'm not enough
of a dork already...

Caterpillar puppet thingies (made these with my Mom probably 20 years ago-they're so cute!)

Clip Barrettes

Baby Boleros - Summer's coming up, and those little strappy
dresses for kids are so gorgeous, but a little cool for our climate...
problem solved! Sizes 6m-3T



...and more hats. Sizes 3m-child/teen

Crocheted stuffies.

There might be a few more of these added if my hands need something to do while holding my grumpy baby (who, at the moment, is screaming because she is unable to rip her toes off...or something.  Anyways, she's frustrated) Hope to see you at the market!


  1. I'd love to come but alas, I'm working

  2. Jess, got 5 orders for monster bags (Andrew brought his to church...) and Oma wants two hats: one for Elyze and one for Becca.


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