Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Toques for the kids

Sadly winter is creeping closer, and toques will soon be a wardrobe staple, in fact a light hat is already necessary for my bald baby most mornings.  For a couple years I've made Ashton a 'fun' winter hat.  Last year he requested a hat with Shrek ears, and the year before I had fun making him a sock monkey toque.  This year he requested a minion from the movie Despicable Me.  Really easy to knit in a soft, chunky yarn, although a reminder of why I prefer crocheting in the round to knitting in the round...too many needles to juggle.
I knitted the goggle strap, but the eye is made of layered felt glue gunned (is this an actual verb? If not, it should be) together and mattress stitched to the hat.

Olivia's hat was crocheted using Paton's Grace, a mercerized cotton that I really enjoy using, comes in gorgeous colours too!  I lined it with fleece cut from a throw I purchased from Ikea for $2.99.  (going back this week to pick up a throw in all the other colours...can you say cheap PJ's?) The fleece was stitched to the hat using a mattress stitch as well.

So now my kids' heads will be nice and toasty this winter...even if the almanac is correct in saying it's going to be REALLY cold and REALLY snowy...sigh...I think I'm ready for spring now!

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  1. What store do you sell your hats from? Any chance of getting 2 Minion hats before Halloween? I can be reached at isedabyrei@gmail.com.


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