Sunday, January 15, 2012

Olivia's First Birthday Party

So my baby girl turned ONE the first week of January.  A birthday party was in order.  The theme was obvious.


My lovely sister hosted the party and let me take over the house with the decorations

I had some fun drawing a 'life sized' Olivia to put up:

and also sculpted an Olivia to go on the cake:

The girls got a lovely Olivia themed boa and tiara, and since I couldn't think of anything 'Oliviaish' to get the boys, they got a red slinky.

Madam started out in her pretty birthday dress

but was stripped down to the diaper to enjoy her cake

I think she enjoyed it.  Later that week I did a 'cake smash' shoot with her, which she also thoroughly enjoyed:

Makes me somewhat sad that my baby girl is growing up so fast, but we're enjoying every minute!

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