Monday, December 12, 2011

Thrifting finds

Every time we head to Lethbridge area to visit my sister-in-law and her family, we schedule some time in to go thrifting.  Not only is my sister-in-law reeeaaally good at it, the secondhand shops in Lethbridge are AMAZING! Check out our finds:

Hubby came with us, which was an unusual treat, and found this vintage brown leather coat:

When he asked my opinion, I told him he needed some pointy brown shoes to go with it, and he promptly found those too!

Of course, I can't go into any secondhand store without checking out the books. Here's the finds:

Lots of good stuff!

I also found a vintage Transformers bed sheet, which will be turned into something for the little man (pajamas?) and some gorgeous embroidered pink eyelet fabric.  Looking forward to sewing something summery and flowy for Olivia with that

I also picked up some doilies (project in the works, don't worry! I don't drape them over my furniture!) a plaid scarf and a vintage Creative Circle ornaments kit (my mom had these same ornaments!)

The plaid scarf was made into a kilt for Olivia:

and the ornaments were completed and hung on the tree:

I also picked up another sweater on a different thrifting trip and made another sweater dress (like this one, except with a split neck rather than a turtleneck)

Lots of fun! And there's something so satisfying about using thrifted materials to craft, isn't there?!!


  1. Your art diploma and eye for creativity has not gone for naught. Well done.
    Can we see a photo of hubby modelling the coat and shoes?

  2. Love thrift stores! I have only been to New to You since we moved and haven't found much - it's so crowded it's hard to look through!

  3. This is great I'd love it if you would add them to my What We Wore and Made link party over at


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