Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Dinosaur Party

Ashton recently turned 5 (!) and we decided to have a full-on, friends over birthday party for him. His choice of theme wasn't a big surprise, since he's been into dinos for the past few months now. I used my Cricut to make his invitations
 Since I'm too cheap to buy a specific Cricut cartridge for every project, I combined different shapes (ovals, apostrophes...) to create the dinosaur shape.

And although I imagine up beautifully fabulous birthday cakes, I severely lack the skills to execute them, so this year I kept it really simple:

Two stacked round cakes (I don't have 2 spring forms the same size...) with some dino fossils 'buried' under Oreo crumbs, and dino shaped sprinkles adorning the sides.

My sister found some t-Rex skeleton sand toys, and made a jell-o dinosaur when we were at her place, so I snagged the moulds and made another one for the party.

Ashton's shirt was specially made for the occasion (with freezer paper stencilling cut out with the Cricut - again combining shapes to make the dino) new dino slippers, and a pith helmet to complete the 'look' The guests were also each given a pith helmet when they arrived.

I created a 'dinosaur dig' activity using play sand, white glue, and dollar store dino figures.

If I were to do it again, I'd play around more with the glue to water ratio. The outside dried rock-hard, so I had to break open each brick and the kids dug around inside where the sand was softer.  They had a blast though!

Can't believe my boy is 5! He had lots of fun with his buddies!


  1. I wish I was your kid to have fun parties like this. Guess I'll have to settle with being your Mom. Can you throw me a theme party when I get to the senior's home?

  2. I love it, Jess! Very together and fun!!


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