Thursday, May 17, 2012

Yarn Works's been awhile!! Between teething and regular nutty mom stuff, I haven't managed to get a post up in, like, forever! But I'm back!! And hoping to post more regularly, I promise!

So a lot of my crafting time lately has been taken up by crocheting and knitting. I've been making hats for gifts,

Sock Monkey, owl and bunny
Very hungry caterpillar

and for Olivia,

Little Sisters Dress (Ravelry link) Love how this turned out!!

and this Knitted Convertible Cardigan, a vintage pattern done up in mohair.

I also found some adorable Owl skirties on Pintrest, so I HAD to try my hand at making one for Olivia, and it turned out ADORABLE!!! (maybe even deserving of a pattern? who's up for one?)

One of our local schools was having a Mom 2 Mom sale, so I also whipped up a few for that, as well as some hats.  Here's an example of the skirtie and a few of the hats I had there:

Unfortunately I didn't sell much, so I've also started up a facebook page to see if I can sell them better online.

Introducing Baby Purls!!

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