Tuesday, August 02, 2011

6 month photoshoot

So baby girl was 6 months in July so of course a photo shoot was in order. It took a few tries (grumpy, too hyper, gloomy, bad-lighting day, forget to change white balance on camera...) but finally got a nice collection. Olivia is most definitely full of spunk, as these pictures show (tutu - Old Navy, headband - sewn with synthetic scraps cut in circles and melted on the edges, sewn with pearl beads in centre)  Yes, her eye is turning in.  Ashton was in glasses at 17 months, and unfortunately I think Olivia will most likely get them even earlier since we don't have to wait for a referral to a pediatric opthomologist.  So enjoy this uncluttered baby face while it lasts!

And Ashton could not be left out of the loop, so he got to get a few pics snapped too.  What a handsome young man my roly poly baby is turning out to be!

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  1. both adorable! Olivia looks like such a tiny little princess!


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