Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art for Grandma's house

So my mom and dad recently moved to a new house and are taking their time in decorating the place.  One thing Grandma REALLY wanted was grandkid artwork, so my sister and I got together and the kids painted some canvases.  Since the ages range from 2 months to 5 years we kept the pieces similar by using the same size of canvas and paint colours for each one.
The 3 older kids used a paintbrush and went at it.  I'm really excited about Ashton's (bottom right) since he has not really drawn or painted anything in his 4 odd years.  He's a typical type A, so everything has to be perfect or he'll get upset, but it looks like his hands have finally caught up to his imagination!  For the babies we just did some foot prints.  Olivia did hers in the jolly jumper, but I think she had more fun jumping in the bucket of water afterwards...

I had done some high key edits of my kiddos to put on my walls, which made my mom think that she wanted b&w photos of all the grandkids on her walls.  So while my sister was over we also did a little photoshoot for her 3.  A little photoshop later, and we have some great high key photos for grandma's walls!

Pretty pleased with the final product, although it would have been nice to get a good shot of all five kids together.  Unfortunately we tried at the end of the day, and got one, count it ONE shot where all the kids were looking at the camera.  And only one of them looked normal on that shot.  Guess we'll be giving that one a go another time...

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  1. Hey, my comment didn't post. Take 2 at the comment thing....
    I think I'm a fortunate Grandma to be able to proudly display such wonderful grandchildren on her wall. Can't wait to start decorating.


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