Friday, November 04, 2011

Cat in the Hat twirly skirt

Sewing and crafting supplies all over the place. Olivia eating stray threads. House is a mess (okay, that last one is pretty normal) What does this all mean? Christmas crafting has begun! It might seem a little early, but I usually start planning in September.  That doesn't mean I go shopping them, but I write down a list of who will be receiving gifts, and decide what to get them.  And this year, that means MAKE for them! Some of the gifts will be store bought, but I'm trying to make as many as possible this year...I even convinced my side of the family to do a handmade/secondhand/recycled/upcycled/regifted Chinese gift exchange (those choices should cover everyone, right?)

My niece and nephew have birthdays on the 22nd and 25th of December, so instead of exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve (that used to be our tradition) we have Sinterklaas. That's a dutch tradition where gifts are exchanged on the 5th (or, in our case, whichever Saturday is closer)  Did you know Sinterklaas was the original Santa Claus?

So, anyways, I'll have lots of fun sewing and crafting stuff to show you over the upcoming weeks!  To start with, here's a skirt I made for David's niece, who looooves the Cat in the Hat!

  She's almost 2, but apparently more like a size 3/4...whoa!  Since I don't know exactly what size she is, I did a kind of drawstring waist so it will fit her for a long time (it even fits Ashton, although he didn't want me to take a picture.  I wonder why?)


  1. I love how this turned out. The tulle on the bottom is awesome!I'd love for you to link up to my linky party

  2. How cute! Glad you found the material you were looking for. I think we had better start getting ready for the gift exchange --- sounds like the benchmark has been set at a high standard.

  3. Absolutely darling! I love the tulle under it!


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